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Everyday banking needs in a single app

Digital Banking Experience that provides everyday banking needs to track, manage, spend, borrow & save money in single app. With FlashPay, get a wallet, bank account, virtual & physical card in 3 steps under 3 minutes & UPI Credit up to Rs. 15000.


Financial literacy solution for teens!

Financial empowerment solution for teens! India’s first Teenlancer.
Funngro provides experiential learning to teenagers by giving them an opportunity to work on gigs with real companies. Teenagers get an exposure to real world, learn by working and assisted learning through structured programs and get first exposure to money management.
Current status: 40000+ customers, 250+ companies and multiple growth partnerships.


Your Insurance Advisor in your pocket.

A One-stop-App that helps you understand, manage, discover and reap the visible & hidden benefits of your insurance policies effortlessly at the tip of your fingers. ‘Insurrd Algorithm’ (aka SimpliFi) decodes complex and lengthy policy documents into a simple understandable format presented to the user through an interactive UI in a matter of seconds. Realise 100% of your existing policy entitlements, discover hidden benefits and manage it for yourself and your family.


Customised Wealth Search Engine

Monech is Building a customized search engine platform named Nucleus – an AI-based solution to take care of all your financial needs right from managing your funds, keeping a track of expenses, and finding the right financial products according to your needs.

BLIPS – Acquired

AI, workflow automation solutions

Incepted in 2019, Blipstech is a Software Development, Information Technology Services organization, driven by the industry’s highly professional and trained individuals and is surely headed in becoming a leading organization that facilitates, enhances, and provides measurable business value through the most effective uses of Technology and Resources to organizations. Blips is creating solutions for AI-based products for predictive analysis and automating workflows, solutions for automating the STLC process, and others.


Decentralised marketplace for MSMEs

Earnvestt is building the world’s first decentralised marketplace to manage working capital for small to medium size companies through innovative new age capital management solutions.

They are on a mission to connect MSMEs with the right kind of investors and are working towards managing financial irregularities in the marketplace using the power of distributed systems like Blockchain

Current status: Launched on 26th March


A comprehensive wealth management app

Tarrakki is a comprehensive wealth management app that helps you strategically invest your money in variety of asset classes.
Elevo is a brand powered by tarrakki that helps businesses and startups to efficiently manage surplus funds by investing and generating returns without sacrificing liquidity.


Encrypted Data collection platform

BlockSurvey is an encrypted end to end data collection platform, it enables digital rights for the users, wherein they have the keys with them to prevent data breaches, leaks, harvesting, and trust issues. BlockSurvey enables this with a modern privacy-focused design system using BlockStack’s Blockchain.

BlockSurvey by design enables the digital rights of the users, which ensures the users are in control of their data and no one else, it currently is working towards having 1000 templates to choose from and has over 300+ templates currently.

Current status: Launched on Product Hunt with Blocksurvey 2.0 and currently 10,000 signups and 6 enterprise deals


Payment infrastructure solution

Ginger Root Code Factory derives its name from the Ginger Root which is holistic in its nature similar to their own to approach to be easily available and income agnostic, Code Factory comes from Code which is the backbone of any technology and is omnipresent, which GRCF is set out to be.
GRCF is committed to powering, rebuilding, expanding the banking, financial payments, and remittance processing landscape using modern-day digital technology.

One of their first product GRIP offers a multi-tiered solution which can be plugged in with different business ecosystems across domain and scales with ease. Their infrastructure secures the customer, merchant, and the bank with hard encryption and dynamic encrypting key formulations which makes your card invisible and inaccessible.

Current status: received PCI compliance certification and closing international deals

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