Ecosystem Partners

Empower Your Retirement Journey

PensionBox is India’s first digital pension platform to empower millions to plan, save, invest & track your pension aka retirement savings to achieve financial freedom in retirement with complete flexibility.

Empowering startups with top-quality talent across diverse sectors.

Talentiser specializes in recruiting services for organizations seeking top-quality talent. With a proven track record, they’ve played a pivotal role in empowering numerous start-ups to expand their teams with excellence. They’ve also established strategic collaborations with prominent venture capital firms across India.Their proficiency extends across diverse sectors, encompassing Ecommerce, Fintech/NBFC, Edutech, Logistics/Supply Chain, SAAS, Gaming, FMCG/FMCD/D2C, and an array of other industries

Cloud Hosting Platform

FlexiCloud is a Managed Cloud Hosting platform, helping clients across the world to spin servers on any available public cloud, with management and support SLA. It’s a rapidly growing company with a presence in 20+ locations and is capable of spinning up servers in 45+ locations across the world.

Domestic & International Money Transfer Service

Transcorp primary modus operandi on the PPI space is B2B where they enable fintechs to build and market their products to end consumers/businesses.

The group also has two NBFC licenses, an FFMC license, and an Authorised Dealer Category 2 (AD2) license. They have a network of 25 branches nationwide, ~1000 exclusive SBI Banking outlets (co-branded with Transcorp), and ~5000 agents who do activities like domestic money transfer, recharges etc. to promote financial inclusion.”

SaaS Solution

CometChat is a SaaS solution that provide apps and websites with secure, scalable, and quick-to-implement text, voice, and video chat. The CometChat platform enables customers to remain focused on their core technology, while delivering a robust, feature-rich, and configurable chat solution that drives user-to-user engagement.

Digital Marketing Services

They offer end to end digital marketing services, right from content production for digital & offline, technology & UI UX design services, branding & marketing execution, using activities like SEO, Social Media & Influencer Management, Ads on Google & Social Channels, Programmatic & Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing & Marketing Automation and much more.

Human Resources Services

TimBukDo is a social commerce platform for student gigs, headquartered in Bengaluru. It is the first of its kindon-demand talent platform built to promote an alternative workforce. Through TimBukDo, organisations can hire only when there’s a requirement, i.e, it is a quick and cost effective solution for all need-based hiring.

Empowering Business Growth

FinGurus provides a back-end support system to Start-ups, SMEs, and MNCs who have a knack to achieve success. FinGurus helps clients attain Accountancy and Taxation, Virtual CFO, Company Secretarial, and Legal services that benefit the business.

Legal & Financing Platform

A lifecycle legal & financing platform with integrated services for founders & investors.

AI-Powered Legal Assistant

TipsyTom is an AI-powered legal assistant designed to streamline the automation of legal document preparation. TipsyTom generates drafts of contracts, petitions, letters, notices, and more, and will soon be able to review legal documentation.

Web application development| Low-code| SaaS

Feldspar Tech is a key to rapid application development and cost-efficient automation. With our low-code platform, they transform your ideas into cloud-based applications in a matter of weeks. Applications built using their platform can be easily maintained by non-tech resources. Their small and medium enterprise customers have saved over 50% on development costs and up to 70% on time required to develop customized web applications.

Marketing made Comprehensive

Digital Obsession provides comprehensive solutions for all aspects of a company’s marketing requirements. From creating captivating creatives to producing high-quality videos, developing user-friendly and visually appealing websites, implementing effective SEO strategies, managing successful paid advertising campaigns, and optimizing brand presence on various social media platforms. They offer a wide range of services to fulfill diverse marketing needs.

Payments made Easy

Easebuzz is a software platform embedded with payments infrastructure that aids businesses to accept, process, and disburse payments with its API-basedproduct suite. Easebuzz helps with smart APIs and cost-effective solutions, all in one place.

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Default is an engineering consultancy and tech staffing firm. They have created 50+ products in last 10 years. Some of their clients are Swiggy,, OyoRooms, Zenoti, Paisabazaar and Atlan.

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

SaiRa is focused on facilitating diversity & inclusive hiring for Corporates specializing in acquiring talents across three niche sectors :-

a) Senior Citizens

b) Persons with Disabilities

c) Women/Back to Work Mothers.

Accounting, Tax, MIS and CFO services

Jordensky offers Accounting, Tax, and CFO services for startups and growing businesses. It offers accurate financial reports and automated accounting to produce on-demand and error-free MIS reports, enabling businesses to reduce time, cost, and labour associated with traditional outsourced bookkeeping practices.

Marketing Agency

Blufig is a full-service B2B marketing agency. They exclusively work with tech brands, which include software product companies, IT services companies, B2B SaaS companies. They have helped more than 100 tech brands realize their digital aspirations. Marketing Strategy, Brand Building , Demand Generation and MarTech.

Product Analytics

Mix panel helps companies measure what matters, make decisions fast and build better products through data. With their powerful, self-serve product analytic solution, teams can easily analyze how and why people engage, convert, and retain in real time, across devices. Mix Panel startup program lets businesses convert, engage and retain more users with the best product analytics platform on the market.

Software Development

Smartters specialize in providing custom software development services for fintech companies. The team of experts has built a range of innovative products, including payment gateways, stock market solutions, and crypto trading platforms. Understanding the unique challenges of the fintech industry and they are committed to helping the clients overcome them by leveraging the latest technologies and best practices.

Digital Marketing

Salt Worldwide with over 18+ years of experience with some of the leading brands across the globe; provides effective Digital Marketing, Out of Home, Experiential & Creative space solutions based on the clients needs.

Accounts automation

Intelligere is an accounts automation ecosystem of modules created for startups, MSMEs and Accounting Professionals. Intelligere helps eliminate manual data entry effectively, enable substantial time savings, reduce errors significantly, and manage more business with fewer hassles.

HR Outsourcing

Happyman Business offers total HR outsourcing at affordable costs. Empaneled as an ecosystem partner with TANSIM (Tamil Nadu Startup and Innovation Mission) & MTIB (MSME
Trade & Investment Promotion Bureau), IITMRP (IIT Madras Research Park) and in the India SME Forum, we empower growing companies in scaling up their HR operations using an end-to-end suite of HRMS based services.

KYC and verification services

SpringVerify is the modern take on the age-old problem of employee verification being costly, tedious, and out of reach of small businesses. They are trying to build a platform where the employee verification process happens seamlessly and with minimal effort required from both the company and the employee.

Cloud services, Freshworks suite of products

Freshworks is a leading maker of cloud-based customer and employee engagement software based in San Mateo, California. The company’s cloud-based suite is widely used by over 250,000 businesses around the world including the NHS, Honda, Rightmove, Hugo Boss, Citizens Advice, Toshiba and Cisco.

Equity and working capital management 

TOPPEQ is Asia’s first 360-degree cap table and working capital management firm. Our mission is to bring clarity to the business of equity. Our cloud-based platform employs both AI and the expertise of seasoned hedge fund industry professionals to deliver an accurate and real-time financial and regulatory roadmap to both startups and venture capitalists. We help our clients mine their data for actionable insights, track their cash runway, and arm themselves with accurate, reconciled information.

Workspace for notes, docs, wikis, projects, and collaboration.

Notion provides components such as databases, kanban boards, wikis, calendars and reminders. Users can connect these components to create their own systems for knowledge management, note taking, data management, project management, among others. These components and systems can be used individually, or in collaboration with others.

Sage Advice Express | Transaction Representation | Legal Advice at Structuring

Innove Law, emphasizes on advising businesses that are at the cutting edge of innovation and entrepreneurship. The firm especially focuses on small and medium enterprises, venture capitals, private equity, dispute resolution, intellectual property and banking, deal negotiation, strategic and regulatory advice, and public policy.

Application Development | Cloud Services | Automation | Mobile Services.

Everestek is a modern technology services & solutions company that helps clients with their technology needs. It specializes in application, cloud services, automation, and mobile services and helps firms reduce costs, boost productivity, and enhance collaboration to improve business agility and customer loyalty.

Mobile Application| Software Development | Testing | Analytics

Ankyah Infinity is a Software Development Services provider that has experience across the IT Services, Digital Services, Business Solutions, and Outsourcing sectors. It develops business solutions that take into consideration a range of aspects, such as business goals, economic budget, and timeframe, and ensures constant communication and support.

Smart Hiring | Talent Acquisition | HR Advisory

Recrutist is an advanced hiring platform that uses human and artificial intelligence to enable recruiters to hire top talent and job seekers to land their dream jobs. It helps use algorithms and machine learning for quick turn arounds and fast closures of positions. It also helps companies establish HR processes, including compensation and benefits, policies, and framework.

Accounting | Auditing & Assurance | Taxation

MNBK & Associates is a chartered accountancy firm that renders professional and value-added services, including Accounting, Auditing & Assurance, Taxation. It has deep experience in businesses across various sectors ranging from hotels & hospitality to travel and tourism to engineering and software to real estate/construction and logistics and marketing.

Public Relations | Social and Digital Media | Content Development

Vivaa Consulting is a boutique organization that has communications and marketing experience across multinational and local businesses ranging from large enterprises to unique startups. It believes ineffective message delivery through a mix of communication tools across online and offline media.

Cloud services | Technical mentorship

DigitalOcean provides the easiest cloud platform to deploy, manage, and scale applications of any size, removing infrastructure friction and providing predictability so developers and their teams can spend more time building better software. They offer simple services, transparent pricing, and an elegant user interface.

Mobile Application | Website Development | SEO | Digital Marketing

Bee Logical offers intelligent software-based solutions that make your business ready for the needs of the contemporary market. It makes your digital infrastructure stronger by offering customized website and app development services. The expertise of their team spans from niche technologies to the latest technologies and built-to-scale enterprise applications. Their personalized approach ad logic-based consulting are their defining factors. 

Branding | Design

Kwa:zi is a branding and design organisation which specializes in building meaningful customer experiences. We enjoy working with organisations of all shapes and sizes with the intention of being their partners in growth. We apply everyday learnings with a bunch of abstract yet researched methods to arrive at an effective convergence of innovative and fun or corporate and crisp, whatever the problem statement demands of us. We look forward to working with a diverse clientele across a plethora of industries. A comprehensive approach to customer experience is our goal and we make sure to create for our entrepreneurial partners, the brand they deserve. 

Services: Digital KYC | Credit Underwriting | User Profiling Solutions

DIGITAP.AI is a Bangalore based AI company which offers digital onboarding and credit underwriting solutions to Banks, Fintech’s, NBFCs and new age internet driven businesses for reliable, fast and 100% compliant Customer Onboarding, Automated Risk Management along with Big Data enabled services like Risk Analytics and Customized Scorecards.

Services: multi-platform SDKs | 12+ integrations | biometric authentication

SAWO is an authentication solution which helps websites and apps onboard users without passwords and OTPs thus reducing bounce rate and increasing conversion. Also provide multi-platform SDKs, 12+ integrations, biometric authentication and save up to 75% of your authentication cost.

Youforia is a destination for gift cards with 500+ brands available. Our curated catalog lets you save on every purchase & also helps you send digital gift vouchers to delight your customers & users.

Sprinto is a full-stack security compliance automation software that helps organizations stay SOC 2 / ISO 27001/ GDPR / HIPAA / PCI-DSS compliant ( and also 15+ different common frameworks ) via 24-7 security control monitoring across all their SaaS services.

Services: software quality | source code quality

Promyze is a collaborative platform for software developers to define and share best coding practices. Promyze provides plugins to integrate with developers’ tools. The solution is also capable of suggesting best practices while coding, thanks to existing documentation of practices provided by developers.

Services: Manage Capable | ESOPs 

Qapita is a secure, digital platform to manage Capable and ESOPs of startups. Qapita helps founders, CFOs and CHROs to organize transactions and documents to ensure  startups are always fundraising-ready. Using Qapita, startup founders can run deal scenarios, automate reports and share access.

Services: Server less Observability | AWS Cost & Performance Insights | Cloud Monitoring

KloudMate is an all-inclusive AWS Observability and Monitoring platform, that helps Developers identify and resolve errors in their server less applications. It also allows Businesses to improve the manageability of their global AWS inventory, or get billing forecasts and performance insights, all from a simple, unified, real-time dashboard.

Services: Workplace Platform, Product Management

Prakya is a SaaS based Unified Workplace platform that brings people and work together and provides end-end visibility. Designed for the Hybrid Future of Work, Prakya empowers teams and creates a connected workplace, seamlessly. By prescribing best practices of Agile Project management, Prakya brings collaboration between Senior Leadership, Solution Architects, Product Management and Engineering Teams.

Services: community for book lovers

Kids Book Café (kbc) is a community for book lovers, parents & children to discover, recommend, review and buy age appropriate children’s books. Our endeavor is to help parents raise readers together through peer to peer recommendations and shared experiences. It has a community site where all the user generated content – reviews/recommendations/theme-based book lists/reading journey blog posts is curated, documented and segmented age-wise.
Launched in January 2019, kids book café’s private facebook group is 15,300+ members strong right now – all organic and around 200 newbies join every week. While the community caters to 0-15 years at present, the parent members seek recommendations for themselves as well.

AWS cloud provides a broadest range of scalable, flexible infrastructure services that you can select to match your workloads and tasks. This gives you the ability to choose the most appropriate mix of resources for your specific applications.  Cloud computing makes it easy to experiment with infrastructure components and architecture design.

Eroute Technologies is a consumer-centric payment company with a mission to Redefine Payment Experiences.
It aims to solve the problems of pre-banked and under-served segments of society with our reliable omnichannel payment solutions integrated with consumer platforms using innovative
technologies and unique propositions.

Services: Consulting – Strategy, Growth/Sales/Mktg, Finance, HR, Legal, BFSI, FinTech, Technology

Guru on Tap is a Boutique Consulting firm founded by Anirudha, a startup Founder with an exit. Their consultants are all ex-CXO level professionals, with proven capabilities and expertise across
horizontal & vertical functions & domains. They have clients in India as well as overseas and have many client success stories. They focus on Startups & SME organizations.

Services: Company Secretaries & Legal Consultants

UVA is a young firm specialized in investment transactions, M&A, VC/PC Investments and on other corporate structuring and restructuring, company secretarial function, setting up of legal entities within and outside India, externalization, FEMA and FDI compliance, NBFC compliances, due diligences etc.  The firm has strong reputation for providing clients with business-centric, legal advice on fund formations, investments, and divestitures; joint ventures and strategic alliances; and cross border and domestic M&A for both listed and unlisted companies.

Services : One-stop search | feed in docs | links lets you talk to your documents, instantly, to get relevant information based on any question you have that you would normally ask to an expert or a peer. This product lets you feed in – Documents- Website links- Knowledge bases To run a one-stop search powered by contextual AI.

ELEVO – Investing for all.
Services: Treasury Management, Working Capital Management, Minor Investing, NRI Investing    

Elevo powered by tarrakki is India’s first one-stop digital treasury management platform for businesses. Business can digitally park their working capital and surplus treasuries in short-term debt mutual funds and earn potentially higher returns v/s fixed deposits without any lock-ins. Elevo’s newest offering is designed to help businesses and startups park surplus funds based on highly customized needs considering their business model, working capital requirements, burn rate, expansion plans, and investment horizon.

Services: Health insurance and Health benefits

Plum is on a mission to build a future where everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare by accelerating the adoption of employer-sponsored (group) health insurance and health benefits. Our early adopters include nearly 1,200 of India’s fast-growing and progressive startups and SMEs e.g. Groww, Unacademy, Twilio, CleverTap, SmallCase and Zinnov. Plum is backed by Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, Incubate Fund and Tanglin Venture Partners.

The Tokenlist is a low code platform for entrepreneurs to launch their business on web3.
Tokenlist can enable even non-tech entrepreneurs or those without a big technology team to launch their product & start onboarding customers in a few days (instead of months). Various real-world assets can be now tokenised through a smart contract and we could power it for you.

Firstbase empowers anyone to build a US business. Incorporate your company, set up banking, process payments, manage payroll, stay compliant, and more – 100% online, from a single dashboard.

Services: Encrypted Data collection platform

BlockSurvey is an encrypted end to end data collection platform, it enables digital rights for the users, wherein they have the keys with them to prevent data breaches, leaks, harvesting, and trust issues. BlockSurvey enables this with a modern privacy-focused design system using BlockStack’s Blockchain.

Services: Flexible talent platform

FlexiBees is a flexible talent platform that provides vetted part-time, project-based and remote-working talent to businesses via their expert pool of women professionals. Businesses get the experience their 40k+ and growing talent pool brings, and the agility and cost-efficacy of their flexible models.

Services: API banking platform

Decentro is a plug-and-play API banking platform for India (and soon beyond), offering multiple modules from KYC to Banking to Payments to Cards to Lending and more. Their key USP is 10X reduction in the development and maintenance time spent, 90%+ reduction in Capex + Opex for financial or banking integrations and a multi-bank infrastructure to ensure a fully reliable API backend.

Merreo is a modern & product-driven talent assessment product that helps you create and deploy role-specific and multi-measure assessments. Our product has 45+ expert-developed tests, ranging from Product management to operations, from HTML to MATLAB, and more. With our product, companies can create assessments that consist of multiple tests that are short (8 – 20 min) & adaptive (Mult-Measure Assessments), with each test measuring a specific aspect. Our goal is to make objective and better hiring processes accessible for all companies, not just the big ones.

NeoSOFT is a CMMi Level 5 global IT solution provider and outsourcing company headquartered in Mumbai with 17 global offices. Established in 1996, our tradition of driving success has enabled us to serve over 1500+ clients across 50+ countries and a client retention rate of 85%.

Backed with an impeccable portfolio built over 25+ years, our depth of resources includes over 4000 engineering professionals with capabilities spanning IT Consulting, Strategy Planning & Execution, Business Process Re-engineering, IT Modernization, and Business Analysis Consulting, our solutions are meticulously designed and customized to answer the varying needs of each business we partner with.

Integrated Marketing Solutions

They are an independent, fully integrated Creative Services and Digital Marketing agency and have been serving many B2B and B2C brands over the last 10+ years. They offer a host of services right from Brand Strategy, Creative Communication Development, Social Media Management, Campaign Management, Website Development and Maintenance, Marketing Technology Services, SEO, SEM, and a range of Performance Marketing Services.

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