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‘We want to make Southeast Asia accessible to our startups’: Q&A with Tanul Mishra of Afthonia Lab

KR Asia
June 29th, 2020

After spending more than three years at Paymate, a fintech company, and going through the grind of running a food delivery startup Eatelish for five years, Tanul Mishra decided to start an incubator to guide and shape idea-stage companies into becoming something bigger…..

Meet the Bengaluru-based incubator that is focused on fintech startups

March 12th, 2020

Tanul Mishra, who formerly built and sold a food tech startup, now runs Afthonia Lab, which incubates startups in the fintech space, betting on their success by providing a panel of mentors.

Unleashing the FinTech potential in 2020

January 27th, 2020

FinTech solutions are now foundational to how we transact in the modern world, making it imperative for financial institutions to consistently up their game to deliver smarter, quicker, and safer solutions…..

The Difference Between Incubators And Accelerators

Business World
March 23rd, 2019

Incubators as well as Accelerators provide a safe ecosystem for startups, are network connectors and provide capital access. Often times, however, the terms ‘Incubators’ and ‘Accelerators’ are used interchangeably and sometimes are viewed as competing with each other without any real reflection on what strength each can bring to the table for the entrepreneur….

How Incubators are Shaping the Indian landscape

Entrepreneur India
April 27th, 2019

The emerging incubator ecosystem in the Indian landscape is a welcome shot in the arm for the starry-eyed startups

Struggling fintech start-ups to get a second chance with Afthonia Lab

Business Line
May 22nd, 2019

Bengaluru will now have an incubator that promises to be different. Afthonia Lab, an incubator dedicated to early-stage fintech start-ups, is looking to give fintech start-ups that are flailing or stagnating a second chance….

Indian Incubators: Incubating A Growing Economy One Step At A Time

August 24th, 2019

Incubators, globally, have become an ecosystem with an array of initiatives that stimulate and support economic growth by promoting the creation and development of innovative companies and the result in developed markets has been astounding.

Trends, ties and teams: how fintech startups can master the route to scale

July 30th, 2019

The fintech sector seems to be in the middle of a perfect storm, with a range of drivers and enablers converging: technological innovations, policy, millennial use of digital media, and globalization…