Does your startup need PR?

Kruti Arora

“You can say anything to anyone, but how you say it will determine how they will react,” says entrepreneur and investor John Rampton. This succinctly summarizes the role PR can play in the life of a startup. The start of a founder’s journey is a time of exhilarating beginnings — finding the best programmers, putting together a winning sales team, and acquiring the most viable customer accounts for their pathbreaking product/service.

The 7 Bad Habits of Startup Founders

Anirudha Modak

The topic of this article is the 7 “Bad” habits, that many founders display, which has a strong negative impact on the success of their startups….

The Insurance World Looks to India for Innovation Opportunities

Matthew O’Mara

The Insurance Industry in the US and Europe has very well defined standards with limited functionality and usability of its operational model to adapt to changing customer demands and technological innovation.

The Difference Between Incubators And Accelerators

Tanul Mishra

Incubators as well as Accelerators provide a safe ecosystem for startups, are network connectors and provide capital access. Often times, however, the terms ‘Incubators’ and ‘Accelerators’ are used interchangeably and sometimes are viewed as competing with each other without any real reflection on what strength each can bring to the table for the entrepreneur.

Why wealth management/fintechs should avoid vanity metrics and adopt sound business principles?

Saumya Shah
Founder, Tarrakki

Have you heard of Fyre Festival? Several documentaries have been made about this music event fiasco. If you drill down the case, you will see it was all about vanity metrics. Using inflated and falsify metrics, the management garnered trust from the investors and secured funding.

Indian Incubators: Incubating A Growing Economy One Step At A Time

Tanul Mishra
CEO, Afthonia Lab

In the 1950s, the small city of Batavia started leasing out industrial space to incubate surplus chickens, essentially turning into an egg farm or an ‘incubator’.  No more limited to the humble egg farm, today business incubation is considered a powerful tool in both developed and developing economies.

How Banks and FinTech companies can hold the economic fort together?

Hozefa Muchhala
Founder, Ginger Root Code Factory

Recently, a UK based FinTech company came up with a tool to assist businesses in securing loans based on their past incomes as collateral. Once fully operational, this tool could be a great support for smaller businesses to stabilize their revenues and keep afloat in these uncertain…

Incubator models unfolding fresh scope of growth

Tanul Mishra
CEO, Afthonia Lab

Tanul MishraCEO, Afthonia Lab Incubator models have been developed since 1985 by various consultants and researchers, and according to an article, there are over 20 plus incubation models! Since incubation models are built to address the anticipated demands of struggling entrepreneurs in the market. As innovation picks up speed, new business challenges emerge in a…